Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dublin Business School portraits

The first of a series of ads that I shot with Ian McFarlane from ICAN for Dublin Business School have appeared on the street at last. We cast over 140 people in the studio and I was very happy with the final 9 people. They all worked really hard and did a great job representing the target market for DBS. I enjoyed working with our cast to get those authentic 'looks' between the poses. In particular I thought Shauna from Frasers, was great. She looked fresh, full of energy and really got her personality across, which is what we wanted.

Here's a selection from her shoot.

 Looking forward to seeing the next images as they are published.
Thanks to Jane Gribbin for the make-up and grooming.

For the technically minded, we shot using a Nikon D3x with the Zeiss 85mm 1.4 (which is super sharp!) and 2 Profoto XL silver umbrellas, one with diffusion, which I really love. The combination of the 2 helped create the daylight feel.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

the Aer Lingus series

Having spent the last 20 years flying whenever possible with Aer Lingus, it was great to be rewarded earlier in the year with a great series of ads commissioned by Paddy Gerraghty at Irish International (and they say there's no such thing as Karma!) 

The last time I shot a campaign for Aer Lingus it was completed about a month before 9/11 and the campaign was pulled without ever running.

Portrait of Laurent mellet
AD: Kevin Leahy, Irish International 

So we were eager to get to work and I called in Paddy Daly at Yoke Productions to produce the shoot and Stefano Cherubini from Happyfinish in London worked on the retouching. 

The Batman cowl was sourced and finished by Ben Millar models in London from a replica of the original piece.

If I had a €1 for every time someone said 'I see you've bought your seats for France this year!

(Aer Lingus flies direct to Toulouse Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday throughout the summer! folks for all the best deals go to

Speaking of Kevin Leahy (art director - Irish International) we shot two transatlantic business class ads for him recently and this time.

I shared the retouching with Kevin Brookes at Irish International. I completed the effects and grading. I'm very happy with the final ads despite not being allowed to take any pictures over chicago, NYC, Paris and London !

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Prints for Ely Wine Bar, Ely Place

Ely Wine bar in ELY place have recently redesigned the upstairs room in their beautiful Georgian building. To decorate the walls owner Erik asked Francis Curran and I to look at some of the Burren images originally commissioned for the international award winning ELY book. I re graded them to
make a series of warm tone black and white prints, and asked Jim at Inspirational Arts to make the prints. I'm very pleased with the results and Erik and Michelle have them all up on walls already!