Monday, April 28, 2014

Aer Lingus Testimonials campaign in London

Here's the behind the scenes of the shoot I did with Paddy Geraghty from Irish International for Aer Lingus in the amazing Motel Studio in Shoreditch.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Image Magazine shoot with Johny Dar

     Artist Johny Dar
    Assisted by Kashi Money
    Make-up Christine Lucignano
    Hair Zara Cox
    Jewellery Blaithin Ennis
    Model January, Morgan Agency
    Behind the Scenes Sylvie Cordenner
Thanks to Jo Linehan at Image for making this shoot happen

Monday, November 11, 2013

Dublin City Council dog fouling campaign

It was great to shoot with Paudge Donaghy from DDFH&B again, this time a new campaign for Dublin City Council's anti dog fouling campaign. Last year we shot the boy with the poo eyes (illustration by Paudge Donaghy) which they have been running again this year. 

After an exhaustive search for the robot, food stylist Sally Dunne loaned us a vintage robot that she has at home. 

We made use of our poo model which was made last year by Ben Millar in London and to add softness to the surface texture we concocted a delicious mixture of Jamaican ginger cake, a double chocolate muffin and a dash of milk, which is why you see me licking my fingers !

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


So far I've photographed 14 women and the plan is to exhibit in early 2014. I've been working with Jim Butler at Inspirational Arts who has made 20 stunning large format prints. I will also publish a book which is being designed by Aidan Grennell in Image Now. I am currently looking for a corporate sponsor for the book so that the proceeds can go entirely to a charity.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Pinhole headshots for McCann Blue

Over the years Ive done lots of work for McCann, here in Dublin and more recently with art director Ray Swan. So when he commissioned me to shoot a charity ad for the Irish Cancer Society, we had a chance to catch up. The big news was that McCann Dublin had joined with Blue Cube to form McCann Blue.

Ray told me that he needed headshots for everyone in the new agency and we began to discuss ideas for what we could do. His brief was driven by the need to try and express the 2 agencies' and their different areas of expertise.
McCann is a long established global agency from the 'traditional' model and and Blue Cube is a digital agency so we thought it would be interesting to bring together 2 technologies representing each direction. One grass roots and one new era. And so was born....the Leaf Aptus II Biscuit tin Pinhole Camera !

All we needed to do now was to find a way to make it work! We needed to build a camera that didn't need a 2 hour exposure! I shoot with the LEAF back using my Mamiya RZ67 camera and lenses so I had already worked out that we would still need the camera and a lens to trigger the back and fire the flash. So the shoot set up required the pin hole camera attached to the LEAF via its leads and the camera on a separate tripod with a pocket wizard to fire the flash. The Pinhole was made in a piece of black wrap, (matt black tinfoil basically) and had an aperture of something like f200. A very small hole indeed so we needed a lot of light. I used my Profoto D2400 on full power. The light was a Pro Head and what we liked to call the 'Frankenstein'. This is the insane marriage of a Profoto disc reflector and the Bowens Supersoft 600 and sunlight reflectors riveted together to form a large round and very deep diffused reflector. The light is soft but directional, a little like a small octobox but with the contrast of a diffused beauty dish.

Check McCann Blue's blog about it here.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dairygold Baking Block

Dairgold lemon drizzle cake food photography with McCann erickson

Dairgold Chocolate brownies food photography with McCann erickson

There is only one thing better than shooting food, and that's shooting food in close up !
So close in fact that, as you focus on a hazelnut or a piece of lemon rind, the delicious smell of the food becomes quite distracting, especially when Sally Dunne, food stylist, is the MC.
The art director is Ray Swan and he began this Dairygold  campaign in London over a year ago. I'm happy to say has brought it all back home.
These 2 images have already run a few months back but watch out for the Christmas special !

Dairgold mince pies food photography with McCann erickson

They were shot using my Leaf Aptus 11 40mp back and the a Mamiya RZ 67 with extension tubes and a 250mm lens.