Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Converse Chuckies

5 or six years ago I photographed my sons slightly faded blue Converse Chuckies. I loved how the worn canvas looked and they seem to morph into each other lying on the floor. I photographed them exactly as I found them. 

I submitted the image as part of the 50x50 print sale in Habitat and it sold out in a week. Since then I've seen it in on walls in interiors magazines and it crops up in conversation with people who either bought it or know someone who did. 

So when my son came in wearing his current worn out pair I did a deal. 'Sell me those and you can buy a new pair.'

Deal done and I brought them into the studio. These are far more battered than the last pair and I can only put that down to wear and tear being harsher when you're 17 years old as compared to 11.

These were shot using the  Zeiss 50mm F2 macro planar on a Nikon D3X 

Im going to produce a large format limited edition of prints to take advantage of the amazing detail. 

Anyone interested get in touch.