Wednesday, March 31, 2010

LeafAptus-11 10 Digital Back

LEAF have launched the most incredible digital camera back. Not only does it capture huge files but with it's new SensorFlex technology, allows you to shoot a variety of sizes and formats within the overall 9288 x 6000 pixel sensor size. So for shooting large format ads like 96 and 48 sheet formats the resolution provides great cropping potential (see approximate area image above). The big difference I find between PhaseOne and Hasselblad is the colour rendition especially with skin tone. If you don't want to routinely desaturate reds by 30-40% every time you shoot, you're going to love LEAF. I'm going over to Pear Tree Digital in London soon to try the system out with my Mamiya RZ kit. I'll let you know how it goes. Page image from

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gary Coyle RHA,

Image Copyright Gary Coyle from the RHA website (see link below)
Gary Coyle is currently exhibiting at the RHA from 19 March – 2 May. If you get a chance, go in a have a look at this startling work. This particular set of images are C Type prints which I always think help to retain an analogue photographic quality. Any of you working in DDFH & B can see a large print of Gary's from this series in Paudge Donaghy's office!
> for further details and opening times.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

'Content Aware' with CS5

This could be very time saving but I'd really like to see in detail exactly WHAT Content Aware means in terms of the details. This clip is brought to you courtesy of Adobe and YouTube via my good friend Matthew Weinreb.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St Patrick's Day Photos

Please post your best photo from today's parades. There may be judging! (but not from me)

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Food Photographer

The Genius of Jon Steed - Model Maker

Despite the very slightly 80's synth band spelling of his name (un-verified), he is actually something of a genius. Jon has been around probably as long as me and unlike me, maturing with age. Have a look at his web site for inspiration. I'm always banging on about finding a balance between retouching and crafting a real model to achieve certain visuals and here's why.

3 Mobile shoot in Killarney with Bill Hollingsworth

Welcome to my Blog. From time to time I hope to bring you details of projects I am working on with my assistant Ciaran. Hopefully we'll include some snaps taken on the various jobs we are doing and any other thoughts and feelings about photography, advertising and the creative life in general. I hope you will find the time to share your thoughts on all of the above too.

January and February were pretty quiet months but it's all recently kicked off with a campaign for 3 Mobile's sponsorship of this years Irish Open to be held in Killarney, Co Kerry. All I can say for now is BALLS, and plenty of them. I'll be adding some work in progress snaps from the shoot and of course the final images but only when the ads start to run.

In the mean time look out for work from 4FM (huge campaign), Rice Krispies and Bord Bia.