Thursday, November 3, 2011

Brown Thomas Marvel Room window display shoot

It takes two weeks for the the design team in Brown Thomas to create their now famous Christmas window display. So to hide their secret elf-like activities they commissioned designers Cody Delahunty to design vinyl displays to put in the window. In this case something to help launch The Marvel Room inside the store. The two images were shot using merchandise from the store which my assistant Sylvie launched into air and some of which we rigged in a falling position. I'm particularly pleased with the 400 or so images of the scarves. They formed some amazing shapes. The only way to get those lovely curves in the ribbon was to photograph lengths falling through the air. Tony Gold put the images together from a working rough we did at the time of shooting. To freeze the motion we shot using the LEAF 40mp back on a Mamiya RZ at 400th of a second and with 2 7A Profoto packs set quite low to reduce the flash duration.

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