Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dairygold Baking Block

Dairgold lemon drizzle cake food photography with McCann erickson

Dairgold Chocolate brownies food photography with McCann erickson

There is only one thing better than shooting food, and that's shooting food in close up !
So close in fact that, as you focus on a hazelnut or a piece of lemon rind, the delicious smell of the food becomes quite distracting, especially when Sally Dunne, food stylist, is the MC.
The art director is Ray Swan and he began this Dairygold  campaign in London over a year ago. I'm happy to say has brought it all back home.
These 2 images have already run a few months back but watch out for the Christmas special !

Dairgold mince pies food photography with McCann erickson

They were shot using my Leaf Aptus 11 40mp back and the a Mamiya RZ 67 with extension tubes and a 250mm lens.

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