Friday, January 27, 2012

After Sales Service

Last June I was commissioned by Rockey Grenell at Designworks to photograph a group of his clients from ESPION in Dublin. During the shoot I photographed Dermot O'Brien, part of the information governance team at Espion. At the end of the shoot when Dermot was looking through his shots, he asked if I could Photoshop a few pounds off his waistline. My customary response to this question is usually "Hey I'm a photographer not a magician" In this case though I didn't respond. Having been 2-3 stone overweight myself for about 10 years I was in no position to comment. In fact I was in the middle of doing a 20 week Motivation weight loss programme myself so I told Dermot about Motivation and that I thought it was pretty good.

Fast forward to December 2011 and I get an email with the Subject title 'Big thanks for your inspiration'. It was from Dermot, he had joined Motivation and had lost 56lbs! Since he started, his type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure had gone and he felt great. I was so delighted with his progress I asked him to come to the studio and I would photograph him again.

Old and New Dermot - July 20 2011 & January 27 2012

I'm so delighted that what seemed like a two minute conversation about trying to lose weight turned out so well. Congratulations Dermot and good luck with the marathon training!

Now you're just making me look bad!

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