Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Days with Jon Steed On Bulmers



  1. I knew jon for many years.
    he was such a nice person , the sort of person that makes you think
    " I wish there were more of those type of people around".
    He was part of a group of friends that went camping in suffolk last summer, and I will have those very,very happy memories of him, and the beach, and the adnams, and the wind and rain,and the late night chats,
    and the terrible attempts at forecasting the weather, and the freezing dips and the water fights and the .........
    I'll miss him.

  2. I was close friends with Jon, when we were very young in Bedford (around 1975-78). Unfortunately we lost touch when we changed schools...
    I only found out the news very recently, and I very much wish I'd still known Jon over the years that passed. It's been over 30 years since I last saw him, but still feel very sad knowing he's 'gone'.

  3. if it wasn't for jon id never have realised my allergy to oysters.... they were from whitstable bay and lovely. that was a great day. (except for the inflamed throat and shortness of breath). i have fond memories of our holiday in Andalusia. he was always so up and full of energy. he lit up the room, a great loss

    howard sly

  4. Jon has always been there for me since i was born, he was the kindest, funiest, the best for hangovers, the best oncle..... so many things.
    I even remember when i was a kid and we played in my room in my little plastic house, or the time when we did "kick the can" with kito, my dad david and my brother william and when jon almost fell in the lake while he was chasing many memories.... so mutch good time.... my two greatest regrets are that:14 years precicaly with him realy wasn't enough and we had planed to do stuff together, and second, i wish i could tell him how mutch i love him. I'll miss you oncle jon.