Friday, March 5, 2010

Welcome to my Blog. From time to time I hope to bring you details of projects I am working on with my assistant Ciaran. Hopefully we'll include some snaps taken on the various jobs we are doing and any other thoughts and feelings about photography, advertising and the creative life in general. I hope you will find the time to share your thoughts on all of the above too.

January and February were pretty quiet months but it's all recently kicked off with a campaign for 3 Mobile's sponsorship of this years Irish Open to be held in Killarney, Co Kerry. All I can say for now is BALLS, and plenty of them. I'll be adding some work in progress snaps from the shoot and of course the final images but only when the ads start to run.

In the mean time look out for work from 4FM (huge campaign), Rice Krispies and Bord Bia.

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